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Mukilteo's beauty
Star Rating - 8/14/2010
I just moved in to Mukilteo. This is a very pretty town and it's surrounded with people from different cultures all over the world.

I love the beauty of the mountains, the beauty of the tall trees, and to wake up in the morning and smell the breeze of the ocean.

The only thing that I'm not used to is that this town doesn't have a hospital.

I have lived all over the USA and each state has their own beauty. Having lived in Tucson, to watch the beauty in the spring of all the cactus blooming and smell their beautiful fragrance, is wonderful. In Tucson they also have a street called Speedway. Coming from Massachusetts I would rather take any rainy day over any snow days.

I never forget that when I was a kid and waiting for the school bus to come, how hard and harsh those cold winters were in New England. Back in the 60's we used to have a lot of snow blizzards and these were days we used to opened our front doors and we had to dig ourselves out of the snow.

In Mukilteo, people mind their business and respect others privacy. I like my community where I live and have my privacy, without people being noisy and not minding their business.

Angie Mukilteo, WA
Angie | Mukilteo, WA
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