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Star Rating - 9/16/2013
There are some things about Mentor that are great, the schools are very good and the people (generally) friendly. The biggest issue I have had with the city is the police department. Unless you are calling about a kegger, a DUI, or a barking dog, I cannot figure out what they do. The residential street I live on is notorious for people speeding up and down it at up to 40 mph, people throughout the neighborhood have called many times about people speeding and the police don't seem to even pretend to be trying to fix things. The crime rate is low, a very positive thing, so it makes me wonder what are they doing if not responding to complaints like my neighborhoods? And when you deal with the officers face to face, the majority of them definitely profect a negative attitude. There are of course a few good ones, but I have had very few experiences were the police were at all helpful.
Christine | Mentor, OH
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