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A nice place to live
Star Rating - 6/19/2012
I've lived in Grayson for 13 years and have no complaints other than the traffic and the weather, but having lived in the metro-Atlanta area my entire life I'm used to both. The weather is typical southern US, fairly cold winters, usually with lots of precip, mostly rain, and hot, sticky, humid summers that generally last from May through September. The traffic is much worse than it was when I moved here, but still not too bad unless its rush hour, which starts about 7AM and lasts until 9AM, then picks up again around lunch time and barely tapers off when at 3:30PM the afternoon rush begins and goes until almost 6PM. There are plenty of side streets though, for those that bother to explore where they live and learn more than one way to get places, so even during rush hour, if you know the side roads, its not too bad. Grayson itself is a small town without much in the way of shopping or entertainment, but it is located about 4 miles from Snellville, about 6 miles from Lawrenceville, and about 8 miles from Loganville, all of which have more entertainment, food and shopping. We're also only 30 miles from downtown Atlanta, though even at off peak times, that's an hour drive. Fast food is king, though there are a few chain restaurants that are a step up from McD's, BK and Wendy's, and also a couple of independent restaurants that are quite good. Shopping is mostly the typical chain stores, Kohls, Belk, Walmart, Home Depot, Lowes, etc., but there are a few local independent stores also. There are also 4 big malls within 20 miles. Crime has risen over the last 13 years, but it has risen everywhere, and not as much in Grayson as in the closer metro-Atlanta areas. The county schools are among the best in the state, though that's not saying a whole lot. Government schools pretty much suck everywhere. If you're content with chain restaurants and stores and are happy with dinner and a movie or bowling being the entertainment for the weekend (unless you want to drive an hour to Atlanta), then Grayson is a good place to live. If you like the outdoors, we also have several nice county and state parks with lakes and sports fields nearby and Lake Lanier is about 20 miles north. In short, Grayson is nothing spectacular, just a nice, mostly quiet middle class suburb located close enough to Atlanta for ocassional junckets to the city for higher class entertainment and yet far enough away to be quieter and less hectic.
RLM | Grayson, GA
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