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Review of Fort Wayne, Indiana

Fort Wayne, not so great anymore!
Star Rating - 8/27/2019
I lived in Fort Wayne from 1962 until 1988 then moved north. Fort Wayne was a nice city at one time. It's sad to say, but today, it's become to highly populated with more crime and tons of crazy road rage drivers. Not such a great place to raise a family anymore, but this is mostly true anywhere today!
Scott | Kendallville, IN
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There is got to be something good that happened to you between 1962-1988 that you may have forgotten to write about.
Anish | Fort Wayne, IN | Report Abuse

So you lived in Fort Wayne from '62-'88 and you posted this in 2019. You haven't lived in the city for nearly 30 years...and you think it's bad... Do you not understand how much time 30 years is? Do you not think that maybe since you've been gone it's gotten a lot better?
M | | Report Abuse
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