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Star Rating - 1/12/2012
We moved to Sneedville from Ohio. Our welcome was half & half; some were very nice & friendly and others seemed to distrust us. We rented a house on Sherms Mtn.Rd. and our direct neighbors were very nice and a man & wife down the road would always ask us to their church. We "bought" land on Clinch Mtn. but after we paid on it for a while the contract was changed and he took our land from beneath us and our money. No one could stop him. He didn't live in Sneedville though, he lived in Jonesborough. I was just too trusting. Such a beautiful place. I really miss it.
Christine | Uhrichsville, OH
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- 10/27/2010
Country living
It is the only county I have lived in were strangers will nod or wave at you when driving ...
Bob | Sneedville, TN | No Replies

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