Review of High Falls, New York

High Falls
Star Rating - 2/23/2008
High Falls could easily be described as the prettiest little down in America. I'm not kidding - its beautiful. The river, the mountains, the fresh, clean air. And there are things to do - barn sales, markets, orchards, canal system. There are great places to eat - Canal House, Eggs Nest, HF Cafe, Spy. Hidden behind Mohonk Mountain few people ever know that High Falls exists - and the locals want to keep it that way. So come visit, but don't plan on staying for long. Plenty of really good accommodations from classic restored B&B's to quaint simple motel lodgings. I would say the only problem with HF is the constant stream of celebrities that keep popping up - don't they know where the Hamptons are? Seriously, HF is a fantastic little town and if you ever find your way to this delightful place you will not be disappointed.
John | High Falls, NY
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