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Star Rating - 5/1/2016
Look I am not gonna sit here and just bash on Newport News because the peak of my childhood happened here, that is, before it turned into the Compton of the East Coast. There is a great music scene, lots of water for outdoor activities and a central location where you can be in the mountains in 3 hours, in DC in 3 hours, and down to the Outer banks in about 2.5 hours. These are the only pros I can thing of.

I have an Associate of Science in Information Technology, I have certifications, and some good experience. However, I have been unemployed for the last 6 months while applying to literally dozens upon dozens of jobs. I received one call back for a seasonal position that paid minimum wage stocking shelves. Sorry, that just doesn't cut it here. The job I had before was doing IT work for a technology company and they could only cough up $14/hour. This isn't the 60s or 70s anymore. $14 doesn't even give me enough to pay all my bills and eat without having to use a credit card. You are literally paying urban prices for a city that offers nothing in return. Sure, Newport News is a great place to live if you want to sell drugs, prostitute yourself, act like a racist buffoon, or commit violent crime without any police intervention. I am not even exaggerating when I say there is a murder every week, without question, and probably many more that you don't hear of. The teachers are fresh out of college and most of them went to the horrible colleges around here and are quite frankly dumb. I went to a special magnet school for students with good grades and still had teachers that sat at their desk and didn't say a single word for the entire period. This was on more than one occasion. Now to the traffic... I lived in Queens, New York and the traffic here trumps even the traffic on the belt parkway of NYC. There is nothing this place can offer anymore because it has literally turned into a warzone. My wife used to work at BJ's Brewhouse and just to put it in perspective, out of 149 BJ's worldwide, Newport News is ranked 149th. The speaks to everything this city stands for. I am moving tomorrow and I will never look back on this place. It has brought nothing but crushing debt, nervousness from crime, and a hatred for the human race that I never had before. DO NOT COME HERE. SAVE YOURSELF.
Matt | Newport News, VA
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