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Norman Rockwell must have lived here
Star Rating - 7/13/2008
I was born in Red Oak, Iowa and moved away when i was 12. I have lived all over the country including Georgia, Mississippi, California, New Jersey, New York City, and The Hamptons, but there is no place that has quite the same "hometown" feeling that Red Oak does. Red Oak is known for its architecture including 4,000 square foot Victorians and Colonials which have been painstakingly restored and can be purchased for under $200k, with some homes constructed on entire city blocks. I look forward to the day that I can sell my New York City apartment and move back to beautiful Red Oak, Iowa.

Other information:

Red Oak was organized into a town on March 20, 1876
Located at the intersection of U.S. Highway 34 and Iowa Highway 48
Population: Red Oak-6,000 Montgomery County-12,000
Red Oak is known for its Victorian Architecture and Military history
Agriculture is Red Oak's leading industry
Five colleges or universities are located within 50 minutes of Red Oak
17 active religious congregations
Average new housing construction cost is $105 per square foot.

Jebb | Springs, NY
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