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"Rottenchester" lives up to it's nickname
Star Rating - 10/10/2021
The crime rate is out of control at least 1 homocide a week if not daily, the CIty government is corrupt-the Mayor recently resigned so she wouldn't go to prison and her husband is facing gun and drug charges; not to mention she put all her relatives in positions within the city; the police department has been neutered by the previously mentioned mayor; welfare fraud is rampant, traffic is miserable due to the never ending road construction, the economy is a slowly sinking ship - even Wegmans, the flagship store of Rochester is floundering with prices being raised daily and quality going down; what was once a beautiful, culturally advanced city is becoming a wasteland of crime with no punishment.
Susan | Rochester, NY
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Nothing is wrong with traffic here at all. Rochester is one of the best cities for short commutes and construction is a normal thing in summer months for snowy winter cities. People here complain about commuting more than 15 minutes here which is hilarious to those who move to Rochester from another city. If there is construction, it adds 5 minutes tops. Maybe Susan should count her blessings and see that Rochester has it great with short commutes. People here are really opinionated as a trend, which is one of the unique things about Rochester that makes many things around here high quality. The crime is an issue, yes…but it really seems localized to criminals and ghetto areas. The welfare problem is a New York State thing, not a Rochester thing (looks at Buffalo and Syracuse stats). Mayor Warren was out of office by the time you posted this. That corruption was taken care of and let’s hope Malik the new major is as promising for the city as he seems. Warren was a joke though and corruption is endemic to NYS. Malik seems like the best step forward that Rochester can have, and am optimistic about the coming years. Rochester is actually not a slow sinking ship, it’s a slowly rising city with a lot to offer (do your research and be more thoughtful with your rants).
Carl | Rochester, NY | Report Abuse
- 11/11/2021
Scenic city with lots to do
Rochester is a scenic city with so much to offer in terms of things to do and having 4 sea...
David | Rochester, NY | No Replies

- 1/30/2021
If you think planet Hoth is a nice place to live.
Just moved out of rochester after being there 9 years. If you have a decent job lined up a...
Dante | Fairport, NY | 8 Replies

- 11/8/2020
I hated Rotten/Roachester NY
I’ve lived in Rochester my whole life until I couldn’t take it anymore so I moved. Rochest...
Krystal | Baltimore, MD | 1 Reply

- 6/8/2020
History and Beautiful City with Culture
I have lived in the Rochester city area for 8 years. Moved from Texas and I love it here. ...
Carl | Rochester, NY | No Replies

- 5/21/2020
I lived in Rochester NY for 4 years never no crime in Rochester just maybe 1 murder a week...
Farah | Rochester, NY | No Replies

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