Review of Park Rapids, Minnesota

work ethic
Star Rating - 4/9/2013
if your looking for a good work place that pays well were your most likly to get hired is in park rapids witch is one walmart all tough you will get a job if you know what your looking for it might not pay as well as it should now lamb weston on the other hand does pay well but not as good as pay as you would in a city but it pays better for the area its in and the leaders and or suppervisors dont abuse there positions they know what to do and how to do it they will work with you and help you when you need the help or bring help in for you if there bussy them selves now if the pay was just at least 2 dollers higher per hour for entry level work it would be in my view the best place to work around period or did i forget it is union so you also dont have to wory to much about favortism as well so come on in and enjoy the scenes and think about living here to who knows you might enjoy it here.
payne | Akeley, MN
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