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Star Rating - 1/29/2011
I have lived in Douglasville for a few years and I think it has some good points but also some bad points. 1 of the most comlained about things is that there is no public transportation, also if you are black and wanting to start a business they make it very very difficult if not impossible. Also the lack of activities or things to do leave alot to be desired. Some of the good points are that this is a christian family oriented area and that its close to shopping, and also close to Atlanta without being in Atlanta and if your white you will like the demographic here. All in all I would say that if you are black and poor or have a very low income, on welfare or public assistance DO NOT MOVE HERE ! B ut if you fall in the grey area and can afford to be discriminated against, and drive farther out for jobs then you would love douglasville.
shiela | East Point, GA
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New resident
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- 7/15/2008
Generally pleasant when not in a drought cycle, as we are now....
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Quality of Life
I disagree with the other posts that say Douglasville is not a great place. I have lived i...
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A nice town
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Change for the Worse
If you're seeking a peaceful, family-friendly place to raise your family, Douglasville wou...
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