Review of Fairfield Glade, Tennessee

Can be the perfect place for the right people.
Star Rating - 7/10/2019
We have lived here nearly 6 years. Lovely area. Moderate climate. Low taxes and cost of living. Friendly people. Lots of outdoor recreation. 5 great golf courses. Low HOA
But, as is typical of many retirement communities, it is politically and religiously conservative. Expect to worship veterans. While the Cumberland County Playhouse is superb, there isn’t much else culturally. Restaurants are adequate at best and there aren’t any with any ambiance. Retail is barely beyond basic. Medical options are expanding. Wonderful doctors and assistants but the office staffs are mistake prone. Do not expect your handyman or remodeler to complete the project on a Midwestern/ East Coast timeline. Expect to be charged more by builders, etc when they find out your address.

We are still here because my husband golfs 3 times a week, basically year round. I didn’t realize how much I would miss the amenities a larger community provides. Many of the residents really love it. Just be sure you know what you really need before committing.
Susan | Fairfield Glade, TN
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