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Come here to die
Star Rating - 2/11/2021
If u dont have a connection, Family or friends, They will tell u that u r the problem.I have lived here from birth and can say that I will never stay here. Time to retire, move out of this cloister of loosers. Bills ....suck.......Sabres......suck. This place only holds a certain magic for those .....unh huh unh huh. It is a serious joke for the sane and those looking for the future. Pizza/wings.....the best in the land. Where do u go from here?
Slit ur wrists go and dont look back! This place sucks! It is a depression magnet!
rich | Grand Island, NY
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The dude don’t even live in Buffalo and complains about Buffalo.
Shoshaunna | Buffalo, NY | Report Abuse

The dude don’t even live in Buffalo and complains about Buffalo.
Shoshaunna | Buffalo, NY | Report Abuse

You silly. I just moved back (after 25 years) after paying $2700 monthly in rent in Boston, MA. Its full of community-people are friendly - traffic is easy - live music - some for free all summer - beautiful parks, parkways, the lake...the downtown is more fun than when I left in the 90s, and the beautiful victorians are dirt cheap compared to other cities. You lived on Grand Island for heavens wonder you were depressed!
Jules | Buffalo, NY | Report Abuse

You silly! I moved back here after 25 years in Boston, paying $2700 a month in rent, fighting nasty traffic and although I really did love Boston too...honestly besides the high cost of living - Buffalo is where I returned. Its beautiful parkways, and parks, the community vibe, the influx of millennials starting businesses and buying homes, the fun and rejuvenated downtown area, free music all of the time during warmer months and easy drive to skiing, boarding, amazing pubs and really really friendly people. We live and rent in gorgeous victorians - which some can buy - and they're dirt cheap compared to the rest of the country. Its gotten more vibey since I left in the 1990's and I am happy to be back. You lived on Grand Island for heavens WONDER you were depressed! lol...(sorry Islanders...but what IS there to do there? ...imo its a wasted coastline). Bring on the positive vibes and send off the down-on-my-luck, everything is against-me types like this. Go retire in Alabama...its cheap and warm. Or stay and enjoy the renaissance!
Jules | Buffalo, NY | Report Abuse
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