Review of Kittanning borough, Pennsylvania

Star Rating - 9/19/2010
A hidden treasure in Western Pennsylvania.Located 40 miles north of Pittsburgh along the Allegheny river.When I think of friendly I think
Western Pennsylvania .We worked on a movie there and I still have fond memories.
ron | Worthington, PA
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Maybe because a movie was being done people were being nice trying to land a job but you are so far off. The people of Pennsylvania are ignorant, run at the mouth every day, people that smart off constantly but will run to sue if you touch them, and plain assholes in general. Iv lived in Pennsylvania 25 years and when I save enough money to start fresh, I will celebrate the day I get out of this state for good. Iv been to 7 states and 3 different country and never met so many disrespectful people. Kittanning is not a hidden treasure, Kittanning is a hidden dump.
Joe | Kittanning, PA
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