Review of Haubstadt, Indiana

Poo police protection
Star Rating - 11/3/2015
I have lived in Haubstadt for 15 years and for the past 4 years I have been stalked and harassed by a neighbor. The Town Marshall, City Clerk nor the Town Board will do anything about this situation. No one in Gibson County cares - it isn't happening to them. The situation has been so severe I have been hospitalized. The Town Marshall and City Clerk told me that I was mental - NO WAY AND I HAVE PROOF!
It is common knowledge that this is a job for the Town Marshall to collect a paycheck until he retires. I won't go into the rumors about the City Clerk, but they aren't nice.
IF you don't have any problems it is a nice place to live IF you do then you are just out of luck.
I live in the city limits and there is NOT any police patrol in front of my home - even after telling the Town Marshall about this situation for FOUR YEARS! If it doesn't bother them they just don't care - of if you don't contribute money you are just SOL!
Judith | Haubstadt, IN
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