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Horrible Place to Live
Star Rating - 1/15/2012
I moved to Phoenix 10 years ago from Colorado for a job. What a shock it has been. I have been ripped off from almost every business I have dealt with. I had a local moving company move my furnishings when I moved to another house and damaged my furniture. I have yet to see any type of compensation from them and I filed a complaint with the attorney general over 2 years ago. The people here are rude, selfish and don't want anything to do with you unless it directly benefits them. The drivers here are dangerous and are on your bumper everywhere you go. I get flipped off at least onec a week here. The summers are insane!! I live in a 1500 sq ft house and work all day and keep the inside temperature at 78. My utility bills run about 600.00 a month. The cost of utilities is outragous. The resteraunts stink, the service is horrible and over crowded. There is nothing to do in this place unless you like counting how many scorpians and black widows you see at night...The pay here is below average and employers treat you like crap. Stay away from here!! I can't wait to get out of this hell hole!!
Jacklyn | Mesa, AZ | Send Message
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I agree and I live near Mesa, grew up in it {born in 1959}, and I know what it is like- it used to be a lot better and yes the drivers are rude here {another thing that did not used to be but happens nowadays}.
lori | Scottsdale, AZ | Send Message

You are 100% right! This is the worst area in the whole country! By far!
Anonymous | Chandler, AZ | Send Message

I grew up in New Jersey. I moved to Mesa after the divorce to work for the state. I must be paying for all my sins since birth for I am in HELL. Jacklyn, you could not have said it any better. I have had my house on the market and the value dropped from $220 grand to $117. And talk about food? I know see why I never see dead animals on the roads. There all in the restaurants. Talk about the heat. The damn pool water gets as hot as the outside temps. And the people. Its like that line from a movie " I see dead people " ! They walk around like zombies wearing Diamondcraps shirts. With this heat in the valley, the only place to go to cool off is Splashtown water park. After all the kids pee in the pool you get to enjoy the diapers rolled up on the eating tables. I went into the main pool area and there was a condom floating in the water. Ever go to the Zoo in the summer? I went there and all the animals were hiding from the sun. Is there a city of Mesa? The main Street has antique shops and thats it. Today we had a thunderstorm hit Mesa. The news media made it sound like Armageddon. Reporters looking for puddles to show you. I am surprised they weren't wearing RMS Titanic Life Jackets !! Idiots and Morons. I am ready to sell my house to the mexican drug lords just to get the hell out of this state !! Somebody buy my house PLEASE !!!!!!!!
Stan | Mesa, AZ | Send Message
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