Review of Williford, Arkansas

Williford is dead - but doesn't know it yet.
Star Rating - 3/31/2010
The rates of crime and drug use are completely out of proportion for a town with a population of 63. The school is about to close (which is sad, at one time it was an excellent school). Three of the 5 town council members are from the same household. The fire class rating is a 9 - the worst possible. Three structures near my home have burned in the last few years - only one is still livable and it took major renovation to make it so. The volunteer fire station is only a block away from those structures, but it took over 20 minutes for firefighters to respond each time. I am so glad we finally moved away. If I were old and retired and didn't care that my neighbors are either bi-polar and off their meds or high on meth, it would be a perfect place to live. I am not so it is not.
Nunov | Williford, AR
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