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Review of Clarksville, Tennessee

Nice...but not if you have allergies.
Star Rating - 12/30/2019
We lived here for 3 years and it wasn't bad. The downtown area is nice, if a bit run down, and there's a lot of cool/artsy stuff to do there. The Wilma Rudolph area (it's basically the strip where all the restaurants and stores are) is pretty bad. Traffic is horrible, and there are a lot of rough-looking people that hang around down there. There's some fairly decent restaurants in the area, though. I recommend Rafferty's. It's the bomb! However, this area in genera....It's not the nicest area. The weather in TN is horrible and changes like...every three seconds. It's unpredictable. If you are someone with seasonal allergies or you are allergic to grass/trees/pollen/ragweed, you are going to be miserable in Tennessee. All in all, I probably wouldn't go back.
Lisa | Ventura, CA
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