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Review of Boise, Idaho

Live able but not greatest place
Star Rating - 12/31/2015
I agree with all of the good and also with all of the bad, as well. People are not trying to pump up Boise nor keep people away. Be warned, a lot of people love or hate Boise. It is nice and safe and very, very white generic lifestyle. That appeals to some and repulsive to others. Your call. Not really my taste but liveable. Had worse and had better living experiences. The air and water quality are bad. The wages low! Housing is either over priced historic or very generic cheap. But people have manners and are very low key. There are good parks and trails to use that are almost laughably deserted (more people about shopping here) but there is a really bad lack of green that I am used to, that is really tough on me personally. And I hate the conservative biased bigoted politics. Cannot read the paper, nor do most people though. Everyone just kinda lives unto themselves or own neighborhood-church and stays out of politics. Frustratingly blasé that way. But appeals to a lot of people from worse places. In general, schools are safe but not that great. Boise in general for me is generically "decent" place. But not doing it for me overall.
Jason | Baltimore, MD
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