Review of Madison, Wisconsin

Wonderful place to live
Star Rating - 11/1/2009
Moved to Madison 6 years ago for graduate school. Have since had children and realize what the Madison hype is all about. There are so many resources for young children: arts programming, theater, dance, sports, swimming etc.Many of the activities are offered at a reasonable rate or even free. There are incredible child care facilities and great community schools. There are many parks and bike paths. The city is easy to navigate by foot, bike, bus or car. Although the crime rate has risen it is still a pretty safe place to live.
Another great thing about Madison is that there are many locally owned businesses and co-ops, many idealists who have turned their visions into livelihoods. I have lived in Greensboro North Carolina, Pacifica California, Philadelphia Pa, Providence RI and Alexandria Virginia. Madison is by far my favorite place.
chelsea | Madison, WI
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