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Star Rating - 6/18/2014
First off yes the cost of living, particularly housing, is expensive. But that is in relation to the rest of the country. Compared to the DC burbs is a bargain. The average home price is high because there are a lot of million dollar homes.

As far as quality of life this is the best place I have ever lived and it's not even close. Having grown up in Montgomery County (DC burb) and having lived "life on the Beltway" it's literally a breath of fresh air up here. People are nice, crime is virtually non-existent (we don't lock our doors)and the area is beautiful. Instead of traffic I drive past rolling farmland. Not too country and for sure not too city Mt Airy has most of what we need. If I need a Home Depot or a shopping mall there are plenty of options 20 minutes away in several directions. But for everyday life, and dinner out occasionally, Mount Airy has all we need.
Dave | Mount Airy, MD
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Does anyone on this chain have experience commuting from Mt. Airy to downtown DC? My husband and I are considering a move - we love the country setting and small town feel of Mt. Airy but are worried the commute would just be too much. I realize there's the metro and the MARC train, but does anyone here drive to downtown? If my husband were to leave by 6am is it realistic to get downtown within an hour and half or so?
Kate | Washington, DC
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