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Review of Memphis, Tennessee

Memphis Metro Area is improving
Star Rating - 1/22/2018
I researched the Memphis metro area before moving here, and after living here for 5+ years, it is a decent place to live. The core city offers almost everything you'd find in Birmingham, Nashville, or Austin. I find the people to be kind, down to earth, and respectful. Job growth is slow and opportunities can be good, but hard to come by. The cityscape is both historical and somewhat modern. The cost of living is better than average compared to other top 50 metro areas. The relative quality of life (especially the suburbs), and the positive direction of the area, make Memphis metro area a good place to live for those looking for good mixture urban and rural living. The crime rates are high, poverty is high, and the general education level of the the area is lower than average. The suburbs are relatively safe especially 25 minutes east of downtown. All in all - decent place to live if you like green space, lower cost of living, easy going atmosphere, and diverse population (with challenging crime issues). The political class in Memphis supports a "progressive" governing style and their approach to law enforcement is not aggressive, so the crime/murder rate is higher than average (police force is understaffed). When the ruling class decides to get serious about crime, it will decrease. There are great things about the area, and it is on the upswing, but real problems do exist. Some backwards thinking exists from a racial and business standpoint, but most people are friendly and the metro area is gradually moving forward.
Love Boulder | Oakland, TN
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