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Two Seasons, Hot & Dead
Star Rating - 11/25/2007
I have lived all over this great country. Germantown is my hometown and I can't stand it. As far as the climate, it's great if you like it hot and humid. It's great in the winter if you hate snow but love it cold and rainy. This place isn't a cold escape. I would rather have the snow if I'm gonna be cold. ps I have lived in the snowy lands of northern new york, so I know what I'm talking about. The weather sucks here. Also, expect severe thunderstorms and tornadoes with flood and hail damage. there are only about six weeks a year that are comfortable. Also, the heating costs here are out of sight for the temps we get, low teens is the lowest it stays for two or three weeks. My utility runs around $300 for a 2500 sq ft house. That is just gas.
Nick | Germantown, TN
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