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Star Rating - 6/25/2009
In a month my mother and i are moving from Michigan to Tennessee, To get away from my father. We picked Cookeville Tennessee because it is a lot like where we are living now. But is the best place to move in Tennessee? I have one year of High school left, so i will need a good high school. Then my mother and i plan on going to college together, so we would like to be close to some Coumnity College. Also we need a place with ample jobs, to pay for things. we are only starting off with 800$.We our putting our faith in God and hopping for the best, with your help as well
Ashley | Cheboygan, MI
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Please this isn't " Go Fund Me"
Sherry | Gateway, FL
- 1/10/2011
Nice Place to Live
Overall a nice place to live. One hour from Nashville. This city has a little of everythin...
Marty | Cookeville, TN | No Replies

- 6/2/2008
Great Place To Live
My family moved to Cookeville in 1976. This is a wonderful place to live and raise a famil...
Joe | Cookeville, TN | No Replies

- 4/11/2008
A few things to mention
*There is a grood mix of chain restaurants and mom/pop restaurants. *It is a college tow...
Beth | Cookeville, TN | No Replies

- 4/11/2008
A good place to settle
I have lived in Cookeville most of my life. It has always had a very cozy feel, but it is ...
Beth | Cookeville, TN | No Replies

- 12/25/2006
Definitely growing
Cookeville is definitely growing. In spite of a couple of major factory closings, there w...
John | Cookeville, TN | No Replies

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