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great place
Star Rating - 2/2/2014
I moved down here a couple of years ago from a wealthy metro area. The cost of real estate is much lower here than where I came from. There was only one killing per about 160,000 in Charlotte County last year and fewer incidences of violent crime than in the big city. Almost a third of the population is over 65. The local medical services industry has been built up over the years. There are three hospitals within five miles of my location and numerous medical specialists and general practitioners along Rte. 41. The weather is fantastic in the winter. Some people had winter homes in Port Charlotte and then went back north in April. The place is about 250 miles north of the tropics. I planted subtropical fruit trees and was able to grow vegetables in the autumn and spring. There was heat in the summer. I liked to work in the mornings when it was cool. There are fishing piers where people caught fish certain times of the year. I rely heavily on the Internet and that I could find almost anywhere. I traveled much when I was younger and at this point I cannot think of a better place as moving around is expensive. We do not have traffic gridlock problems. I had to go to N. Ft. Meyers to buy some things, but in time found most of what I needed in the local area or online.
dave | Port Charlotte, FL
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