Review of Stamford, Connecticut

Stamford CT Cove/East Side
Star Rating - 3/30/2008
One mile walk to city center (good parking availability). Every 1/2 hour public transportation (you can get city bus to train and airport limos/anywhere in the world without a car) and investment sector, restaurant and retail jobs, two live theaters and 3 movie complexes (including nonprofit "art" movies). Excellent libraries.
Bordered by 2 large public parks (sledding hill, ice skating arena, tennis, playgrounds, softball, soccer, cricket, shore bird watching) with large beaches and city marinas.
Must enjoy extremely diverse (rich, working poor, young/old, ethnically, racially, more families but also professional singles) community. Everyone gets along peacefully because there are plenty of jobs.
Village atmosphere (bodegas, asian markets, pubs, hairdressers, florist, Shoprite, catholic and lutheran churches)are all walking distance.
Variety of real estate, though cost of living is high ($1,000 rent would be low end, property taxes probably average $5-6K and up). Crime rate is low (neighborhood police outstations). Diverse school system includes magnet schools and public advanced technology schools. UCONN branch downtown. Community colleges by public transit. Winters are not bad (more rain than snow) close to the shoreline.
Summer | Stamford, CT
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