Review of Goshen, Indiana

Star Rating - 9/24/2009
Long dark cold windy winters and hot humid summers. Though this spring was pleasant in previous years spring seemed to last only a few weeks before summer is upon us. Certainly if pleasant climate is your goal look elsewhere like Colorado.
Eddie | Goshen, IN
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- 6/27/2008
Long dark winters and 15 hours of sunlight in the summer time....
Ed | Goshen, IN | No Replies

- 2/11/2008
Hit or Miss
When it comes to the weather in Goshen, it is hit or miss. When it calls for rain or snow ...
Michael | Goshen, IN | No Replies

- 3/13/2006
Still Very Much Old Order Mennonite and Amish
In Goshen, the religion is still very much Amish and Old Order Mennonite. The small town C...
Kay | Goshen, IN | No Replies

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