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F**k Idaho in general
Star Rating - 10/25/2019
Moved here 3 years ago. Biggest mistake I have EVER made. People in Idaho are some of the rudest, most stuck up, pieces of s**t I've ever encountered. When it's dark outside, everyone thinks they have to use their brights and could care less if they're behind you or coming your direction, as long as they can see they don't care. And on the topic of driving, people are maniacs here. Always riding your as$ even on the freeway when there's other lanes for them to go into, they choose to get very close to you and try and push you, so they can be in front of every car, everyone just seems to need to be the first car in front. People will literally try and race you. Even if you're going 10 over the speed limit its not good enough for anyone. Oh, and people LOVE cutting you off! If people find out you weren't born here, or didn't grow up here they freak out and automatically think you don't belong and damn near shun you. Like it's the damn united states, people can move wherever the hell they want, people that were born here act like they LITERALLY own the place. LOL well you idiots can HAVE it, it sucks anyways. Aside from the rude people, its hot, dry, polluted, and boring. Seriously nothing to do, barely any good concerts come, and if they do it's that one time. Absolutely NO CULTURE. Downtown Boise try's, but its still kind of dry. And don't even get me started on the job market. It sucks too. All you'll find are call centers, there's a million of them. And they're all depressing. Even being a licensed professional, the jobs are few and far between, you'll find yourself in a dirty, dusty, miserable call center wondering why you're wasting your life here in IDAHO. Then you wake up one day and finally take the "locals" advice and "go back where you came from!" Bye Idaho, you wont be missed.
none of your business | Caldwell, ID
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Glad you are gone. Probably one of the self righteous idiots going 10mph under in the fast lane crying about tailgating. On your phone at a green light angry if someone honks when you don't go. God forbid it rains or snows because you will grip your Prius steering wheel for dear life and ride them brakes. But everyone else is the problem. “They don’t like me because, i’m not from here” while you brag about where you came from and how u sold your crack shack in Cali and can buy a “huge house” in Boise. Then you do nothing but cry about how boring boise is and expect the locals to love you. Kick rocks.
Semper | Boise, ID
- 11/27/2019
Boise Used To Be Nice Place
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- 9/25/2019
You can have shitti Boise! I'm out!
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Kat | Caldwell, ID | 1 Reply

- 8/23/2019
Great if you like bad traffic and bad air :-P
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Bob | Troy, ME | 3 Replies

- 7/6/2019
Growth isn't always the greatest.
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Vincent | Alamogordo, NM | 1 Reply

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