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NYC.. It has it all
Star Rating - 7/11/2015
Living in Manhattan my whole life and having traveled the wide world, i consider NYC to be the center of my universe. East to west, from lower Manhattan to half up the island at about 110th St, everything a person wants and needs in life can be found here, except a beach.
Culture, restaurants, parks and recreation, shopping, hospitals and health care, the 4 seasons, public transport , craziness and solitude, and a train , bus or ferry ride away from the other 4 boroughs that comprise the whole of NYC. It takes a lifetime or two just to see all of Manhatta ( as the Native Indians called it), referring to this "island of hills". Home of the knish, pizza slices, the pastrami on rye sandiwich, burgers, hot dogs, NY Yankees, NY Mets, NY Knicks, Brooklyn Nets, NY Rangers, NY Islanders, NY Giants and NY Jets...what else did i miss? 24/7 ..the city never sleeps but when you need to escape you eventually come home to #1.
joel | Washington Hts-Hudson Hts, NY
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You are so right, I am a NY native & although I don't live there anymore that saying if you can make it there you can make it ANYWHERE is so true. NY has so much to offer that you don't necessarily find elsewhere. Even if you do it's still just not quite the same. For instance, where I live now you see signs everywhere advertising NY Pizza or NY Fried Chicken, ummmm that would be a resounding NO on both. I now know how people from Philly feel when they go somewhere & see signs advertising Philly cheese steak, again ummm NO. I don't know of anywhere else that has as many sports teams as we do either. Yeah NY is pricey and it always has been, but so are some other places. Where I live you find places that cost $8.5 gazillion dollars, and it offers no sights, no transportation (or at least not on NYC's level), and the city is closed between 12:00 & 2:00 am I mean dead as a door nail. While that part isn't as important to me anymore because I am no longer in my 20's, I still would like to know that if I needed to catch a bus or a train at that hour I could. Not to mention if you don't live in the City transportation is limited to owning a car, Lyft or Uber or not going at all. This limits your freedoms and movements which I didn't like being limited as a teenager (you know when your parents limit where and when you can go and when you need to be back) so you know I can't deal with being restricted in my adult years :). Anyway, I enjoyed your post.
Monique | Edgewood, MD | Report Abuse
- 5/18/2020
i hate it here...
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Very cold but nice to live. ...
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