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Virginia Beach has it all
Star Rating - 1/24/2014
Amazing reading these other posts!
Came to website verifying a statistic I had read about the cost of living in Hampton Roads area. Got sucked into reading the posts which I never usually do because Freedom of Speech allows even the ignorant to contribute.
This is the unbiased truth from someone who lived in Baltimore Maryland ( Federal Hill) and has currently lives in Virginia Beach.
This is the 411 on Virginia Beach. It is a city with all the economic and racial diversity that you can find in an urban setting. Therefore city issues occur here too.
Traffic is bad due to the large population, and it is a city. I also admit that lots of people could use driver refresher courses.

Crime is not bad compared to other cities with equal population.

Bugs.. hello.. we are southern and coastal. Its the price you pay for paradise. Promise that you will see similiar comments about all southern coastal cities

Taxes... hello.. vacation destination, city = taxes

We are southern and coastal which means sun,sand,&seafood.

We have great schools from public to private, primary to collegiate.

We are diverse from ethnic groups to landscape. You can enjoy country living in Pungo, beach living throughout and city living in Town Center. We have awesome Thai,Indian,Mexican,Greek,Filipino .. you name it restraunts.
Wineries, Ball Room Dancing, Concert venues, competive sports (from the typical soccer and baseball to roller derby, surfing and speed boats).
We are globally safe as we house the Atlantic Fleet, including Fighter Jets, and Seal Teams.

To sum it up VA Beach is a great city with everything and anything that you can imagine for food entertainment climate education housing...
thats why we have a tourist industry and a large population..Lived around the world and proud to call VA Beach home.

The best part is if you dont like it you can leave:)

michelle | Norfolk, VA
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