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Make $18+ an hour & have a car if you move here.
Star Rating - 9/12/2019
I moved to Tampa after living in Southern California for four years. The cost of living is the same. Both areas have Disney and beaches and shopping and other tourism spots. SoCal pays higher wages, is more technologically and environmentally conscious, the weather is better... I don't have much to say about Tampa in comparison. If I grew up here and never experienced other cities I would probably think it was amazing though. I was born in FL but grew up in a part of the Midwest where some of my neighbors didn't have plumbing or internet, just to give you a perspective. My relatives seem to really enjoy it - they have families or are retiring - and a lot of public facilites cater to those groups. But as an educated single person in his early thirties I feel like other areas of the U.S. have more to offer me for my money.
Brandon | Tampa, FL
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- 9/26/2019
Eh, not terrible
I lived here during college and while it was kinda dirty and run down in the Fowler/Fletch...
CC | Binghamton, NY | No Replies

- 12/30/2018
If you're unhappy here, it's probably you.
I was born in Tampa, and while I've traveled extensively I've always come back to my homet...
Christopher | Brandon, FL | 9 Replies

- 8/25/2018
I should have done my homework...
Where to start. I haven't noticed a groundswell of anti-outsider sentiment because everyon...
Allizon | Land O Lakes, FL | 6 Replies

- 8/19/2018
Tampa is My Nirvana
Nirvana ... Shangri-La ... My heaven on Earth ... but beware the sinkholes! Must-See: H...
Tom | Battle Creek, MI | 1 Reply

- 4/26/2018
I don’t know what we were thinking.
Median salary here is $55K but average rent prices for a one bedroom start at $1200 for ma...
Christine | Riverview, FL | 3 Replies

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