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Star Rating - 12/23/2018
Hi, My name is Jennifer an I've been living in Valdosta for little over a year now an I can honestly say I can't wait until I relocate out of this city because never in my life have I ever been to a place that's this boring! If you have kids DO NOT MOVE HERE !! the poor kids have nothing to do here besides the small fun center in the mall an that's expensive! The reality companies are very nasty! The schools are all about 98% African Americans ITS NO DIVERSITY HERE! It's only about 3 middle schools in the city an they are horrible! The people here IS NOT FRIENDLY HERE AT ALL! Child protective gets called for the least lil thing ESPECIALLY when your child misses a doctor's appointment the teachers are unprofessional an the principals dont say nothing when you complain! Not to mention the jobs oh my lord! Alot of jobs here is still starting out at 6.50 an 7.50 an hour an that's majority the jobs here on top the shifts be 12 hours shifts an if you are into the nursing field HANG IT UP! I've been here lil over a year an still have not found a job no where this is the hardest place to get a job! An you barely see white people here an if you do you can bet your behind THAT THEY ARE VERY, VERY RACIST! I've been miserable this whole time living here an I'll be relocating our of here soon! But never again will I come back to this boring place DO NOT MOVE HERE YOU WILL LOSE YOUR MIND an the hospital SUCKS they will transport you on a helicopter to Atlanta or Savannah which is hours away FOR THE LEAST LIL THING!! DO NOT MOVE HERE!!! I'LL NEVER DO IT AGAIN THIS CITY HAS TO DO BETTER!!!
Jennifer | Valdosta, GA
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Jennifer, I really don't think you have much experience living in multiple cities across the country. This city has a lot to offer in entertainment, culture, demographics, jobs, and education... Valdosta has Wild Adventures Amusement Park, The Dosta Theater, multiple parks, a decent mall, and is a short drive to ocean or Disney... The minimum wage is $7.25/hr which is the federal standard, not $6.50/ hr... If you were getting paid lower than federal than I would contact the DOL about that...Low minimum wage is not a bad thing, since the cost of living is lower here...I have a 3 bed 2 bath home on 2 acres for $550 / month; It's hard to find prices like that, elsewhere... I moved here from the U.P of Michigan, with my pregnant wife and 4 young children and our house burnt down because I left the burners on the stove when the power was turned on... Within hours the city helped us out of our minivan and into a motel and the veterans paid to get us into a new house and back on our feet; that's southern hospitality! The demographics are 50/50 black and white; not 98% black, which seems extremely racist in itself... I haven't had much trouble finding work here... I found a job with a week of moving here and the local plasma clinic pays good if your unemployed... The city has a climate which is hard to complain about, especially during the winter months (60°'s)... The schools are great here; there is a reason that this is ESPN's Title Town USA, with more football championship wins than any other school in the country... Please disregard this lady's review and come check out Valdosta for yourself; this town is a ?? and I am proud to call Valdosta my home..
Gregory | Valdosta, GA | Report Abuse

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My name is Jenny maybe someone could help me. My family and my self are looking to re locate to Valdosta from what I have researched I love the fact that it's a smaller town not a huge city and there are some things to do there and other things are in with reason to drive.and the fact that it's so close to fl. My question is I'm looking for a good naborhood good school district and where maybe I can walk to a store or walk my 7 year old daughter around to see different things and a cheap home. Also I read comments about jobs are hard to get there is that true? Any advice would be greatly appreciated thank you so much
Jenny | Tunnelton, WV | Report Abuse
- 1/20/2020
Don’t move to Valdosta
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