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Unhappy here
Star Rating - 7/19/2022
I've lived here for going on 3 years. The person who lives with me wanted us to move here. It got old for me very soon after we moved here. Neither of us like it. People gripe about the weather I notice but other than the fear of a hurricane, the weather is the best thing about the New Orleans area. We got stuck out in 1 of the parishes but even if I lived right downtown, I might be a little happier, but I still would want out of here. We only got to travel out of here 3 times so far. We went to Houston once over a year ago. The other 2 times we went to Mobile, Alabama and Baton Rouge, LA, both are towns. New Orleans downtown is like 1 big town. The worse thing about the NOLA area to me is that any big city is very far away. Houston, Texas (not that exciting) takes 8 hours on the Amtrak to get to. Atlanta, Georgia takes 12 hours on the Amtrak to get there and about 10 hours I'd guess on a bus. I'd love to visit Atlanta or Dallas but they both take many hours to get there. It takes 12 hours to get to Dallas, Texas by Greyhound. I feel like I've gotten myself trapped here. I'm in a miserable state of depression. I've had to live on the same street for 3 years in a row since I could not find another apartment. I feel very stuck. The person I live with has been unhappy with our move also.
LISA | River Ridge, LA
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You live in River Ridge, not New Orleans. River Ridge, Metairie, Slidell, etc., all of these places are suburbs of New Orleans, but they are pretty much just like every other suburban area around the country. If you want to live in New Orleans, you have to actually live in New Orleans. I was born and raised in New Orleans and lived here all my life, (57 years) except for the few years that I went away to graduate school. I always knew New Orleans was special but when I moved away and lived elsewhere for school, it really hit me how special New Orleans was. I could never live anywhere else. Just make sure you live in a low crime area. So many people move here and think they can just move anywhere, but you have to be conscious of your surroundings.
Angele | New Orleans, LA | Report Abuse

Unlike all the big cities above you seem to desire living in instead, New Orleans is unique- many writers, musicians and artists have moved here and thrived because of this. If you want a normal city, this is definitly not the place for you. If you can embrace the culture, which has evolved over the last 300 years and try to learn from it, it'll keep you enchanted for a lifetime. My wife and I came here for jobs just out of grad school,and also couldn't wait to get promoted and leave....once we got used to this crazy place, we loved it, turned away from the corporate ladder that would take us away, and have loved it since 1983
Jeffery | New Orleans, LA | Report Abuse
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