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Mediocrity at its best.
Star Rating - 6/10/2018
After getting a job in Tucson and moving here, I started looking up mediocrity quotes to explain how I was feeling. I work with young people that were born and raised here and also know how horrible it is getting here. They also comment on how bad their schooling was. Another co-worker had his african-american granddaughters staying with him and his wife from Alabama. They went to the public school here for a semester and were appalled at how the teachers didn't teach or care and the students treated the teachers horribly. One said a student threw a bag of chips at the teacher and the teacher did nothing. Even the school administration is inept. My co-worker will constantly get calls from the school saying his granddaughter skipped class when she is at a field trip or one of the grandparents signed her out. He says it never fails. People here are as stupid as can be and there is zero southwest culture. If I wear cowboy boots, people look at me weird because they all look like Walmart pop outs. The retired and community and snow birds have ruined the real estate in the nice areas and the meth heads, illegals, and welfare people have ruined it everywhere else. There is so much obvious corruption going on in this city between the illegals, cartel, government, and unions. It takes years for simple road work to complete because the unions try to suck every dime out of the government too. Then you had the mayor quoted saying that he doesn't want Tucson to have the southwest culture but instead wants to attract bicycle riders and hikers, basically turning it into San Francisco. The drivers are horrendous. I have to commute south to work and nobody uses blinkers or even understands what the purpose of the line in the road is for. The people in terms of friendliness are not as bad as Socal (where I moved from). People in California are more educated (besides their extreme liberal brainwashed ideas) but are extremely rude. They are only nice to save face or to use you. People in Tucson are at least slightly more normal but still not high caliber people. It is sad to want to share things about yourself and people just look at you with disdain and put you down because they haven't done a thing in their life. These are the kind of people that don't recognize quality in any way. All they want is attention to fullfill their low self esteem. If something is good or if someone is successful, they only show jealousy and put it down instead of appreciating it. I have been out here for 6 months and already see so much. I'm ready to move on. There is no future here. The city has been getting worse for years and I can tell nobody cares. It is too bad because it could be an amazing city. All they need is industry, follow the law (meaning not supporting illegals and druggies), and return to the southwest culture that people want to come here and live. These kids born and raised here are a bunch of sun brain fried, red neck gamers.....and they know it. I have to isolate myself to avoid being dumbed down in order to fit in. Also, everyone is ugly. I am absolutely amazed when I come across an attractive person that actually takes pride in themselves. This place worries me that the whole world is going in this direction because Socal sure is. They are over run by illegals and liberals that support over crowding and the dumbing down of society. I will continue my journey to strive for quality.
Nik | Saddlebrooke, AZ
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As a California native now living in Tucson, let me say I think I’ve detected your problem, Nik. 1: you’re a shameless snob 2: nobody here cares that you’re from California 3: you exaggerate the negatives
Nee | Tucson, AZ | Report Abuse

I spent two weeks there and really enjoyed Tucson. I found the people to be much nicer and polite than California.
Kathryn | Camarillo, CA | Report Abuse

How can you stand to share air with us you obnoxious tool. Please GTFO ASAP. Go back where you came from. You sound like Mississippi would be a perfect fit.
Mike | Tucson, AZ | Report Abuse

June 2007 to Fall 2008, I lived in Tucson. Initially six months on the West side at The Casas Adobes Apartments, then ten months on the East side at The Tanque Verde Apartments. It was the best of times, the worst of times, and once again the best of times. In addition to these genuine, and verbally forthright apartment residents, I had the inopportune experience with medical folk, humane society, one homecare agency, the local Equine therapy program, the library, and most privileged of all, employment at the Tanque Verde Guest Ranch !! I forget my title, but primarily I assisted with the children's program, including their equestrian instructional and trail riding program, as supervised by Nancy Cunningham, a most exemplary boss anyone could dream of having !!! Unfortunately, Outside daily amidst the strong, ever blowing Spring winds led to my developing severe asthma, which not surprisingly triggered my ever volatile thyroid into super hypo zone. Consequently having become physically useless I offered to quit my position. But Nancy, fully understanding of my illness, yet knowing how very much this dream job meant to me, refused to let me go, persisting in helping me thru my illness. She NEVER gave up on me !!! Nor did the others there. I was in my mid 40's amidst employees in their 20's, with the exception of Nancy. Likewise, elsewhere the locals were nothing but kind, warm, genuine, verbally forthright, and accepting of me. Being a loner, particularly amidst the youth, can be challenging and scarey, but here everyone made it easy to feel accepted and part of the group. Six months into my time at the Casas Adobes apartments, under much duress at the time due to circumstances pertaining to my first chow puppy, I commited an unforgivable, totally uncharacteristic act leading to my ultimate alienation from those wonderful fellow residents. Not until a month prior to my dad's death, a few years later was I finally enlightened to my birth truama, which resulted in my acquiring high functioning autism, which has shed much clarification for me. Eighteen months following my arrival I knew intuitively that it was time to return to the Northeast for family reasons. I however, promised myself that one day I would return to this wonderful city, full of beautiful, peaceable residents !! No, I do NOT support illegals, but upon my return I would be willing to assist in tutoring them in becoming LEGAL U.S. citizens. Maybe, this isn't the city for you, and your ambitions, but hey Columbus, OH. is certainly an energetic, intellectual, growing city, IF you can withstand the weather, think about moving up here. We get MORE than enough cold, rainy days !! BTW, one wise minister back in my youth once stated: "If you don't like something, then stay there and change it !!" Get over your disillusionment, come down off your high horse, determine to become one with the locals, and work together to make Tucson what it once was. WITH its native culture intact !!! At 61, I have lived enough places and experienced enough of people to know that no matter how many beautiful destinations, they are all meaningless until or unless you are open but wise, and accepting of others, intermingling with them can you truly appreciate, and comprehend their environment !!!
Nancy | Gahanna, OH | Report Abuse

Well I certainly hope you move back to Cali. Not sure who you have met there or who you hang out with to give you such an ignorant misconception. Nobody is “jealous” of you it’s probably the way YOU come off to people. Try walking around not being so full of yourself and see how that works for you. It’s funny you claim the unions, old people, homeless and “illegals” ruined Tucson. Most AZ natives believe it’s the turds from Cali.
Sunny | Spokane Valley, WA | Report Abuse
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