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Concerns of Government Actions
Star Rating - 5/30/2007
My concerns cover various areas. The first is the fact that Paris is trying so hard to become a tourist area, which is fine. However, now and especially after it does there has been no effort made to put in place a Hazmat unit. We had a very small one in one of the ally ways recently. A police officer walked straight into it with a lite cigarette to look around. This was a very dangerous move on his part, but too he had no training. Just think what would happen on a major roadway to the lake or in a crowded area if a tanker turned over. First no one would know what the placard would tell them about what was in the tanker. Then they would not now how to handle immediate response for the people in the area closest to the accident. My husband worked with solid and chemical waste for many years. It doesn't take long to kill you.

The second thought in conjunction with the above is the person who has been the account for the City of Paris for 14 years wants to handle the Tourism money. If he never saw the need for a Hazmat unit before I feel we need someone in there who will be thinking of the current and future needs. NOT WANTS BUT NEEDS. When a small town changes like this one says it wants to, the changes that are needed to be made are never ones that are readily accepted by the status quo. It takes new blood to make major changes.

I have many other views on the things that need to be looked at for further changes, but this email will not hold all of what is on my mind currently. I believe this is enough for you to give great consideration to before making another step.

Lil Jernigan
Head Street
Lillian | Paris, TN
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