Review of Cynthiana, Kentucky

A very corrupt town full of idi0ts
Star Rating - 5/2/2021
I am 50 years old. Born and raised in Cynthiana. And hated the town since I was a kid. It wasn't until I got away from it that I realized just how bad it is. Much of my family still live there and complain about it. The local government is as corrupt as they get. Looking for every way to steal from the pockets of the people. Often misappropriating funds or stealing them altogether. The PD has been involved in numerous cover-ups and drug dealing for decades. Lawyers involved. Their zoning and planning is so twisted and in violation of the US Constitution that it is ridiculous that people don't wake up to that fact and fight it. I have since lived in many different towns. And Cynthiana is by far the worst one I ever lived in. But you won't hear that from the employees of the city and state. Because they've got it good. Doing nothing, while stealing from the taxpayers. And they all camp with one another. Its called cronyism in my book. Btw. HMH is a scam organization that has more malpractices than one would realize. They are in the "make you sick for profit" business.
Greg | Cynthiana, KY
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