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Review of Sevierville, Tennessee

Rich in opportunists, poor in opportunity.
Star Rating - 6/24/2007
Sevierville is a city whose entire economy is based upon tourism. This isn't a bad thing in and of itself. What is bad is the lack of diverse job opportunities. One has little chance to work outside a "hospitality" enterprise. The only other choice is construction (which also booms due to the constant need for new attractions). This leaves an economy in which a majority of the citizenry has little hope of making more than 20k per year.
What truly makes this sad is the city and county government's lack of foresight in expanding job opportunities. The few high-paying blue collar plant jobs available have been allowed to dwindle to none. When a local community college set up shop, the classes were geared toward "hospitality," entertainment, and culinary classes to underpin tourism, rather than expanding diversity.
Tony | Sevierville, TN
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