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Perrysburg is GREAT!
Star Rating - 1/30/2009
I have lived in Manhattan, Atlanta and Detroit.....Perrysburg has been, BY FAR, the most pleasant of all. Cost of living is tremendous, very inexpensive. All the fine dining and shopping you need. In terms of Blah's comment on bad weather...Spring, Summer and Fall are beautiful here. Winters are winters...if you don't like winters, then move with the retirees in Flordia, or live where there will be water shortages in the coming years in the Southwest or pay big money to live in California or live in congestion in Atlanta. I guess my response is that I can buy a new McMansion here for $200,000. Where else can I do that? Also, metro Toledo is becoming a force in solar. There are other Fortune 500 firms in the area, too. Not bad for a metro area of only 600,000 people. Perrysburg's and metro Toledo's future is extremely bright!
ron | Perrysburg, OH
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- 6/22/2019
Nice town that surrounded by crappy ones
I've lived in Perrysburg for 10 years. The town itself is decent, shopping is super close ...
Brian | Perrysburg, OH | No Replies

- 7/22/2009
This is an area that enjoys all 4 seasons, but it seems recently that winter has turned i...
Lana | Perrysburg, OH | No Replies

- 10/22/2008
only nice outside for about 4 days out of the year....everything else is either extremely ...
Mike | Perrysburg, OH | No Replies

- 12/27/2006
Best Place in Area
If you have to live in Northwest Ohio, live in Perrysburg. Best schools, restaurants and ...
Susan | Perrysburg, OH | No Replies

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