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Casper WyHOMEing! A few reasons I am proud to live
Star Rating - 5/12/2020
I first moved to Casper in 1989 to attend Casper College. Previously I lived in Buffalo for a short period of time and before that Paris, Texas. I LOVE Casper for so many reasons. #1 the people here are genuinely amazing. Caring, generous, honest, helpful, hardworking and resilient. I challenge you to try to find a more giving community than Casper Wyoming. #2 the amenities! Outdoor recreation, cultural experiences, community events, and amazing restaurants. #3 close proximity - You are no more than 20 minutes to work, school, recreation (lake, hiking, skiing in the winter) #4 - small town vibe. With population of less than 60,000 people you run into a friendly face when out and about. #5 - Wyoming's beauty and natural wonders within a few minute to a few hours drive.
Jennifer | Casper, WY
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Hi! I was reading reviews of Casper and came across your comments. My family and I live in Paris, TX. I was born and raised here and we have raised our children here although we have lived in other states but came back here for family. We're looking at places to move to once our youngest graduates. Since you lived in Paris, I'm wondering what your take is on the differences in Paris and Casper? Sounds like you enjoy it. We like a small town feel but with more amenities. We love the mountains and have lived in Ft. Collins, CO many years ago. I'd appreciate any of your input. Thanks!
reisa | Paris, TX | Report Abuse
- 12/26/2020
I lived here for one year (78-79). Saw a lot of cold weather and snow. Most cars had sprun...
Paul | Fallon, NV | No Replies

- 8/24/2020
A small town vibe with big city amenities...
There is so much about this place to love! The people, the extraordinary access to outdoor...
Brook | Casper, WY | No Replies

- 8/16/2020
Never say never
I grew up in Casper and remember complaining how little there was to do. I swore that I wo...
Bryce | Casper, WY | No Replies

- 5/21/2020
Great place to raise a family
I grew up in Casper and moved away after high school for 5 years and I knew I would never ...
Chanel | Casper, WY | No Replies

- 5/19/2020
At the Heart of the Western U.S. National Parks
I grew up in the nice suburbs of Ohio, moved to Salt Lake Valley, had a family, and moved ...
Neil | Casper, WY | No Replies

- 5/16/2020
Lived in the area for 12 years, and love it.
My family and I have lived in the Casper area for 12 years. There is so much that we enjoy...
Cathy | Evansville, WY | No Replies

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