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Battle of the Port Cities
Star Rating - 12/31/2018
Old Town Alexandria is a charming port city, with lovely historic homes, fun restaurants and sweet shops. Its easy proximity to the hustle and bustle of DC offer something of the best of both worlds... until you get your mortgage bill, that is.

We travelled all over the USA and Old Town has many pros. All of the culture, the museums and nightlife of DC is just across the river and a great dinner is only steps away. Unfortunatley, historic homes in good repair above 2000 sf are well above $1M... and this was more of a mortgage than we were looking for.

By contrast, the port city of Wilmington NC offers better weather, is also on the river, but has some added bonuses. The fun and funky downtown has an artistic flair that Old Town has long since lost, with the incoming expensive boutiques. Great eats, at a fraction of the price- a plethora of historic neighborhoods, most of which are walking distance to downtown. Large lawns, lazy front porches... this is where ‘Dawson’s Creek’ and ‘One Tree Hill’ were filmed- remember those homes?

For less than $300k, you can buy a charming bungalow, walk your dog to a cafe where they have biscuits waiting for them. A 20 min drive takes you to the nearby beaches- and yes, you can bring your dog swimming. Porch parties and neighborhood get togethers are frequent... it’s everything that Old Town used to be, before the prices skyrocketed.

Bottom line: If you’re a single professional couple who needs to live local, Old Town offers you charm that is hard to beat in the DC Metro Area. If for any reason you want to shave 2/3 or more off your mortgage and can work remotely, come to Wilmington. There are plenty of parks, and our area is filled with northern transplants who made a lifestyle choice... we love it!
Samira | Wilmington, NC
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- 4/9/2017
depends what part you live in
Alexandria is different depending on what part of it you are in. There is a huge strata o...
Ally | Ogden, UT | 1 Reply

- 4/4/2015
Southwood Subdivinis in SE Fairfax County, Virgini
The mailing address in this area is Alexandria, or Engleside. Either way, it's SE Fairfax ...
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- 3/2/2015
The business climate is very good....
Peter | Alexandria, VA | No Replies

- 2/10/2015
Cost of Living in Alexandria, VA
it's expensive!...
Sarah | Alexandria, VA | No Replies

- 1/5/2015
Special Place to visit...
I highly recommend historic Alexandria as a place to visit and meander about, especially i...
Ellen | Alexandria, VA | No Replies

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