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Backwoods Town With No Future
Star Rating - 10/6/2017
Granted, the beaches are nice, as long as you can get away from the main beach area that attracts the wild life. If you want a nice family type of vacation on the beach, don't go to the main beach; visit Ft. Pickens or head East toward Navarre.

The job market is minimal at best. Most jobs are low pay and even with a college degree feel that $10 per hour is a living wage. With that said, I have seen billboards advertising apartments saying "Affordable living starting at $895 per month." Try that on $10 per hour.

The City Council and County Commission both comprised of the "Good-Old-Boy" mentality. Neither want any industry that would provide decent good paying jobs to relocate or build here and they do their best, (and have unfortunately succeeded) in keeping them out.

As far as entertainment goes, there is not really that much to do. Outside of the Naval Air Museum and a few yearly functions Downtown like the Seafood and Arts Festival, there is really nothing to do, unless you party, drink or eat in restaurants. Yes, there are plenty of bars and restaurants.

There is Gallery Night held in Downtown Pensacola. This once was a pleasant "family based" event where you could visit different art galleries, try out different cuisines from local restaurants, enjoy a nice glass of wine as you visited the galleries. Unfortunately this atmosphere has changed from this to nothing more than a drunken street party and definitely not family friendly.

The crime rate is one of the highest in Florida, and where the national median is per 1,000 residents (as of this posting) 3.8, Pensacola ranks at 7.44.

The Public School System is poor, but this is not the teacher's fault. It is because they have lowered the standards (to allow all of the low, non-achievers to pass instead of requiring them to put more of an effort in to succeed,) that they have damaged it for everyone.

Public transportation is limited. Buses only run during specific times, so if you need to catch a ride early in the morning or late at night, forget it. There are always taxis, but this can get quite expensive, and sometimes there is even an hour plus wait for a taxi when you call for one.

Living within the City limits is also far more expensive as far as the taxes and insurance rates go. Even the electrical costs are higher for the same amount of usage.

Insurance rates are higher than in other parts of the state as well. One of my neighbors moved from here to Naples
Steve | Pensacola, FL
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- 10/6/2017
Backwoods Town With No Future
Granted, the beaches are nice, as long as you can get away from the main beach area that a...
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