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Why Live in Greer, SC
Star Rating - 11/18/2017
Why I live in the City of Greer

1) Locally Elected Officials
The Mayor and members of Greer City Council are your neighbors. They desire the same quality of life as you and your family and are easily accessibly to address questions, comments, and concerns.

2) Improved Police Protection and Response Time
The Greer Police Department firmly believes that policing is a partnership and takes great pride in being active in the community by reaching out to our citizens. This effort mobilizes community resources to help solve law enforcement and related issues. The Department also responds to all local traffic accident investigation and maintains an animal control officer.

3) Fun for the Whole Family
Youth and adult sports programs, downtown festivals, concerts, holiday gatherings, children's theatre, arts classes, 16 recreational parks and facilities, and summer camps are just a few of the recreational opportunities available to Greer citizens. The City of Greer offers activities for everyone regardless of age or the time of year.

4) Reduced Water and Sewer Rates
Any savings is welcome. Check out this added benefit of living in the city.

5) Solid Waste Removal
Trash pickup and leaf and limb removal is available to all city residents. Recycling also is encouraged .

6) Improved Fire Protection and Prevention Services
A highly trained department offers faster response times than our neighbors in the county. The department received an improved insurance rating of Class2 in 2007, which translates into lower insurance rates.

7) Quality Land Use Planning and Zoning
Growth is a good thing -- unless a city in not prepared to handle it. Always keeping an eye toward the future, the City of Greer is handling its record growth thanks to its planning and zoning professionals.

8) Excellent Infrastructure
Greer's commercial and residential areas have charming appeal, well lit streets, and in many cases, decorative fixtures The city maintains 80 miles of road, 30 miles of storm drainage, and approximately 35 miles of sidewalks throughout the city. Our recreation department offers 113,000 square feet of indoor recreation space and 140 acres of outdoor park space

9) Customer Focused Government Services
Customers come first -- and all residents are customers. The City's departments are committed to meeting the needs of residents with enthusiasm and a smile. It's one of those intangibles that makes Greer such a special place.

10) Quality of Life
In Greer, you will find the amenities of a larger city within a short drive. However, stroll through Greer's revitalized downtown or any of its quaint neighborhoods and you will discover that the City has retained all the charm of a small town. Enjoy the best of both worlds.
Jonathan | Greer, SC
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