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Not for the individual. Great for herd mentality.
Star Rating - 3/10/2018
If you move to Columbus for Olive Garden there is something seriously wrong with you..(seems like any good restaurant turned into a chain and quality went downhill) Columbus already has one of the most overweight populations in the countries. It's true. Wonder why establishments have so many handicapped parking spots?
Not for the injured or elderly, but for those who can't keep their mouth hole closed. You often find these areas littered with scooters, little rascals, personal mobility devices or whatever you call them.
Why would a person ever get so fat? A glandular condition needs a fuel to feed on. I like food as well, but I stop eating when food no longer goes down my throat voluntarily.
If you're looking for traveling Broadway shows with second rate talent you've hit the jackpot. Remember, these are actors that couldn't 'Make It There'.
Schools, yes the suburban schools are probably better, but that's cause voters/homeowners pass levys that better fund the schools.
Columbus City Schools have a higher ratio of transient parents. That means kids move with them and have to start all over again.
If sports is your life (why?) this might be for you although locals can't find enough to keep them from their families. More second rate sports are brought in to fill the void for lack of pro (real sports) teams. Why can't Columbus pull in another Pro team? Cause nobody wants to move here. Even the soccer team is leaving...
This would partially explain why college (amateur) sports waste so much local news time. Cup stacking, hacky sack and putt putt golf are included in this category.
Don't get me wrong, college is big business here, some of those kids even graduate. The ever-growing health care system continually needs bodies to fill the constantly under construction hospitals.
In 20 years the OSU campus will be surrounded by health care facilities. The graduates won't have far to walk when school ends.
Columbus has a beltway more or less surrounding Franklin County.
What can you see as you drive this beltway? Nothing of interest.
If you enjoy driving past car dealerships you're in luck. If you enjoy traffic backed up at every exit, continual roadwork and construction this is your place. Very little of this roadwork is beneficial to the average citizen.
Most of it is designed to get you from one retail area to another just a little faster. Maybe.
Inside the beltway it gets exciting. Miles and miles of strip malls, fast food, apartments and maybe a car dealership. In a five mile radius of where I live there are two CVS a mile apart on the same street. A conservative estimate of 25 pizza places, two Kroger, two Target, a walmart of course, too many fast dining places, a dozen or so small shopping centers, some fitness centers, about four large car dealerships, and new houses. Lots of new houses. Also a bunch of useless crap that makes me ill every time I see it cause my tax dollar may have help to fund it.
Fully half of this stuff didn't exist 15 years ago. It used to be disused farmland. Farmer died, kids got rich. These were the last of the small farms in the area, but we were already in fully developed suburbs. Urban sprawl sucks.
Columbus is a tiny fish in the pond of real cities.
This might be a booming metropolis if you are from Wheeling, but if you've ever spent time in a real city you'll wonder why the hell you stopped here.
20 years ago I moved here under the premise we would move after a few years. We didn't. Hence my growing disdain for the little town that should concentrate more on the residents that stay than building gleaming spires that attract none.
Btw, I'm leaving it all and moving to the desert....
Billy | Columbus, OH
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This review is spot on but you forgot about all of the abandoned buildings and houses all over the city businesses out of business that are here forever. When you see a city with a bunch of stuff going out of business how do you then say this is a great place to live? That means the economy sucks butt dude. People here seem to be used to seeing misery and misery loves company. This city is all about the buckeyes because there is nothing else to be excited about. They make a lot of revenue off of Ohio state stuff. Blue jackets ehhh, short north ehh, what else do we have here that’s really bringing visitors? The roads here will tear your car up a lot faster than if you were in a city like Charlotte. Charlotte is a good example of what a similar city as columbus should be doing. Getting involved in national venues and growing their inner city. Columbus has fallen off and crime has engulfed this place and businesses have fled from the city and now somolians are buying up the entire north side west side and Mexicans have been growing in business like wild fire as well which I’m not mad at either race. They just don’t have much for anyone outside of their race is the issue.
Derrick | Columbus, OH | Report Abuse

What are you doing here then? Go move to a 'real' city. Just don't expect to be able to afford to rent an apartment or buy a house in your real city. And enjoying sitting in rush hour traffic three times as long in your real city. As far as affordable cities in the midwest go, Columbus has a lot to offer. It may not have as much culture as Manhattan or San Francisco, but we don't have to work 90 hours a week to afford the rent on a small studio apartment either.
buck | Columbus, OH | Report Abuse
- 2/14/2023
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