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Review of Spokane, Washington

Schools, yes. Raise a family,eh.
Star Rating - 11/4/2019
I have lived in other cities, but Spokane is where my family lives. I was raised here, left then came back to be with family. It is a beautiful city for the most part, they have really put effort into beautifying downtown area, and if you can look past the homeless people it really is nice. Riverfront park is like the kitchen where everyone gathers for special events. They invested their money well down there.
Jobs are not readily available. If you have no skills it is easy to work at McDonalds, or some other food industry as there is a restaurant on nearly every block. If you are in your thirties and don't have a degree it is tough to find a career. Advice would be to go to the local community college and get a certificate to do something at the hospital or for Avista.
Housing has gone through the roof here, the cost is outrageous. The rent is terrible for what you are getting. We need updated, clean rentals for families, but also the apartments in the area need serious updating for the amount of rent they want.
The people here are what you make of it. I like the people here, overall they are very friendly. But traffic is nuts and I hate that there is a lack of freeways to get North, and most DOT money is spent on the West side of the state.
Eastern Washington is mostly Republican, with the exception of inner Spokane and Pullman. The Universities are very liberal, as most are, just be careful what you buy into. It is a great place to go to school, awful place to try to afford to raise a family here anymore.
Sandra | Spokane, WA
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