Review of Mililani Town, Hawaii

Quiet and comfortable
Star Rating - 10/27/2007
Mililani is a bedroom community nearly in the center of the Hawaiian island of Oahu. It is about 20 miles from Honolulu. Housing here and in most parts of Oahu is small and crowded but for the most part things are quiet and people leave each other alone. There is a heavy Asian influence all over the island and there is significant cultural adjustment required to live here. Public schools here are okay but not nearly as academic as can be found on the mainland US. The weather is absolutely wonderful. Never gets cold--lowest lows about 60 degrees. Highs are about 88 every day and the cooling tradwinds blow most of the time. Not a lot of rain in Milani and when it does rain, it's usually light and over quickly
Larry | Mililani Town, HI
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