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Review of Astoria, Oregon

NO SUN and constant rain!
Star Rating - 5/17/2017
Astoria is land of no sun and constant rain. I am a lover of dark days and rain or so I thought.
Let me tell you it's no joke about the weather here. We just broke a 96 year old record with 167 days STRAIGHT OF RAIN . and it didn't stop at 167 I believe it made it to 174 before we had a break of sun.
It's always cold I mean even when the ocean appears so beautiful and cozy the winds and cold make it hard to be enjoyable.
Not to mention a large amount of serious crime on the coast of Oregon. Lots of depressed drug addicts ( maybe it's the weather ) but also a huge amount of drinks too. Heroine is HUGE here.
Businesses struggle to stay open and the traffic is horrid.
Everything is closed Sunday , mondays and usually Tuesday's too. Most places close at 8pm. Most larger stores that you might need like your cell phone store if you have a problem or need to buy a quick USB Cord etc is in the next nearest town which is ober an hour away. Mostly everything is in portland which is over 2 hours to get to. The schools are terrible and rated very very low and for a reason. The kids are bully's and very redneck. The lack of compassion for nature and animals here is out of control too.
People will purposely hit animals on the roads and shoot birds on the beach as something fun to do.
Jenna | Astoria, OR
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