Review of Newton Falls, Ohio

Avoid Newton Falls Ohio.
Star Rating - 7/9/2019
I lived here since I was young, let’s just say after college i will be extremely happy to leave and never come back. It has changed from my childhood.

The town is a dying wasteland, everything about it is going downhill. The park is a joke, the crime is getting worse, the cost of living is not worth it, there are more and more rental properties with some questionable people moving into the area. You do not feel safe in the town. Although for now, it’s safer than Warren or Youngstown Ohio. It’s a 30 minute drive to either Niles or Austintown, that’s about the only good thing about it.

The politics of the town or like Ohio in general, the town does not care for its residents, all they care about is making more money for themselves. Where they try to raise our tax rate and thank god they fail to do so, they don’t deserve it.

Personally, coming from someone who has lived in NF for 24 years and soon leaving, do not think about moving to this crap hole, go somewhere else.
Christian | Newton Falls, OH
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- 8/11/2010
Watch for speed trap on I-80 Newton falls!!
Watch for speed trap on I-80 Newton falls!! I received a speeding ticket heading eastboun...
Alexander | Flemington, NJ | No Replies

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