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not that bad
Star Rating - 12/19/2016
Its not that bad here. I moved here from the actual city of Chicago and not the suburbs. Believe me I have seen my share of violence. My senior and junior year I had three friends die due to gang violence in Chicago. I moved here to the Denbigh area ( the Windsor Great Park neighborhood) in 2007. I absolutely love our neighborhood. I am raising two little girls and feel that our family has had nothing but good experiences here. We know our neighbors and look out for each other. My kids play with their friends outside during the summers. There are not any drive by's in this section of the city. Like any city you need to be cautious of course. Its just common sense. Both of my girls have had really good teachers even though NN has one of the worst school systems in the area. As far as jobs we are here because my hubby works for the DOD. I was lucky enough to get a job at Riverside. Jobs are pretty scars around here. I have not encountered any racism. We are Latinos living an a neighborhood with a majority black/white families. Every one we have come across has been friendly.
I do agree with Sharon that their has been an uptick of crimes in our area. I do hope the city gets it under control. As I tell my husband. I did not move away from the family in Chicago to end up in the ghetto in Newport News. Newport News has a lot of good hard working people. It is close to lots of locale attractions. Like any city it has its issues.
r | Newport News, VA
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