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Star Rating - 1/19/2014
Winsted is a old mill city in the town of Winchester. The surrounding area is beautiful and has an abundance of boating and outdoor activity possibilities. As a resident of 35 years, I am sad to report that the town has been mismanaged, resulting in numerous derelict properties owned by the town, town owned schools that are a disgrace, and now a scandal involving a town employee accused of embezzling 2.5 million dollars, resulting in supplemental property taxes and some doubt as to weather than town can meet it's financial obligations. The one bright spot is the Gilbert School high school, a semi-private school that is not run by the town. With some professional management and an eye toward the future, this could be a great place.
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2021... A *LOT* has happened in Winsted in 6 years... New Harvard educated Town Manager who's put his heart and soul into the betterment of Winsted... New Police Chief who is 'delberate' with keeping Winsted safe and working with the citizens... A New School Superintendent who has improved ALL school scores, to the point of Winning State and National awards... A New Finace Director who has turned the town finances around dramatically, given us a 'rainy day' fund balance well above State requirements and a 'Top' credit rating... Blight is being aggresively address, and blighted homes beyond repair of salability being demolished... New homes being built at the lake and developers looking, and buying properties which have stood dormant for years... In a nut-shell, much, much positive going on in Winsted and now's a chance to acquire property still at incredible value! Winsted is at the cross roads to the Berkshires... East Hartford - West New York - South, the shoreline - North, the Berkshires... Lakes, Rivers, Trails, and beauty beyond belief... That is only part of why families remain here from generation to generation... and many who leave, for school, or work, ultimately return to Winsted/Winchester... Be sure to check it out, and you'll see clearly why we, after living in New York, San Francisco for 25 years, Boca Raton for 10 years... decided to settle in a beautiful Victorian, close to town. The main reason ws the overall beauty! Also, we could not believe the value and affordability for a beautiful home... Finally - 2 hours from New York City... 2 1/2 hours from Boston... Under an hour from the Berkshires... and you can explore through FOUR states in under 5 hours... If you find better, please let us know... because we looked for 10 years to find this little piece of paradise.
Beau | Winsted, CT | Report Abuse
- 10/19/2007
A nice small town with great schools, but lacking
Its a nice small town. The home prices are good here which is what brought me to this town...
MARY | Winsted, CT | No Replies

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