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Review of Mount Vernon, Illinois

Poor Schools, Few Jobs, No Growth
Star Rating - 8/14/2009
The cost of living is reasonable. The high school is in shambles. Visitors call it "the ghetto school". The politicians built a new 15-20 million dollar jail at taxpayer expense without voter approval. The jail sits empty and is a big money loser.

People are friendly. There are few jobs except for restaurt work/minimum wage openings. Stagnant town. No reason to live here unless you are a native of the area.
Shane | Mount Vernon, IL
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Hi, I got a job in Mt.Vernon and planning to move by this month end. Can you please list me some best apartments to live, which is safe for my family as well. I'm married and have a kid as well. Thanks in advance
Ashok | Naperville, IL | Report Abuse
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